Boost Your Productivity: 3 Ways To Get More Done In Less Time

Boost your productivity, avoid burnout, and get more done in less time by following these three “productivity hacks”!

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You’re an entrepreneur, which means on any given day you’re being pulled in every direction. How can you prioritize your time? How do you keep your energy in-check? And, most importantly, how do you avoid the burnout that comes with trying to do too much in too little time?

Mike Tan, COO and VP Community of Change Heroes, and Ali Saheli, Founder of Stuffak, are two entrepreneurs who know how to get sh*t done. For them, weekends are just another day at the office, and while 11pm is bedtime for most, late nights just mean more quiet time to focus on the next big project.

So, how do they stay on track without…well…collapsing? We asked them to share their biggest “productivity hacks” that keep them efficient, focused, and ready to do more in less time—here’s what they recommend:

1.  Weekly Success Calls—Taking a page out of ThisInspired.Me, each week, host “success calls” with your team to discuss how you did on your “3x3’s”—your top three “purpose” priorities, top three “passion” priorities, and top three habits that you’ve been working on forming from the previous week. This helps to not only keep you focused, but to prioritize your objectives and remain accountable for the goals that you set.

2. Morning Sanctuaries—The first two hours of every morning should be a time to “pay yourself first”. This might involve meditating, reading, eating a healthy breakfast, or exercising before leaving for the office—anything that you need to do to mentally prepare for the rest of the day. Take time to take care of yourself, so you can be in the best position to take care of others.

3.  Exercise Daily—Bike, run, lift weights, do yoga, swim…anything that gets you sweating. Not only will you be able to better focus, but that extra energy will be just the boost that you need to keep at your peak performance (and hey, looking great is always an added bonus, too!).

We’ve covered three, but what’s YOUR best “productivity hack”? Let us know below! 



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This is a post by Jackie Murchison. Jackie is Community Coordinator at Launch Academy. Follow her on Twitter @JackieMurchison