How Great Nights Find You


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Tangoo is solving the difficulty of planning a great night out with the company of like-minded people. There are two sides, public and private nights out. Public nights out solve the problem of making new meaningful connections in Vancouver. Private nights out focus on solving the problem of friends and colleagues planning out their celebration with zero hassles, headaches, or guesswork. People are in the habit of settling for their usual standard night at the bar around the corner. By alleviating the difficulties of planning and finding new dining gems, Tangoo empowers social circles to explore their city with seamless coordination and through a uniquely packaged dine out experience.

The Company has had several successful events and is continuing to evolve by identifying new gems, new themes and new ways to give their customers an amazing experience. Paul Davidescu has surrounded himself with an impressive team of marketers, developers, designers and business development professionals to get the job done. Not to mention a close connection with Vancity Buzz to get the word out. You can catch Paul mesmerizing just about anybody at any time while at Launch Academy, with his high energy and charisma.

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Lessons Learned

"Tangoo started as a side project, thus making everything a challenge. When working part time it is next to impossible to build a team and a brand. Without a commitment it is a challenge to sell your vision and get team members and clients to get excited. Creating a clear, functioning solution to a real problem is hard. These problems have been solved.

Lessons learned thus far are to only have people on board who are willing to make the company a priority by sacrificing other things. We also realized that we could still test a lot of things without a web person or with a very basic website so being lean and not adding features unless needed is big. Being more focused on setting the right metrics and measuring obsessively is also something we have seen to be very important."

How Can The Community Help?

"The community can help us by spreading the word about what Tangoo stands for and why people should do it. A lot of people have heard about us and have a vague idea about what we do but many have not acted yet. We have 30+ amazing restaurant partners and can accommodate any group celebration that involves food, drinks, and good company. Our public nights have brought over 1000 people through its doors and have connected some of the most awesome people in Vancouver. By simply experiencing one of our nights for yourself and understanding what we do, we're most grateful for just that.

We're also looking at outside investment from Angels or VC's to scale marketing and human resources so any introductions are greatly appreciated."


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This is a guest post by Alex Mason, Managing Director of Brain Rack. Follow him on Twitter @jalexmason !