Exciting news from our member TalentMarketplace

Exciting news from our member TalentMarketplace

Our member TalentMarketplace has been accepted into the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP), an initiative aimed at bolstering innovation in Canada. This decision means that TalentMarketplace will be made available to Canadian federal government agencies, accelerating the adoption of their project recruitment platform and prequalifying their innovation at a government level. Launch Academy is excited to shine a spotlight on the TalentMarketplace team and gain insight about how the BCIP will help drive their success.

RunGo listed as Apple Watch’s App of the Year

Our alumni RunGo is wrapping up 2017 with a bang as it gets listed on Apple's Best of 2017 trends list as the App of the Year for Apple Watch. 

"RunGo has been heralded as the best running app for exploring new routes with turn-by-turn voice navigation. You can build your own route, or select one of the 100,000-plus routes worldwide and let the app guide you." - The Province  

Victory Square Technologies Inc. Announces Private Placement by Strategic Investor Mehdi Khimji

Our member Victory Square Technologies has announced their decision to enter a subscription agreement with Mr. Mehdi Khimji. Victory Square has had many opportunities to work with qualified investors but none at the calibre of Mehdi Khimji. 

Mr. Khimji has agreed to purchase 6,666,667 units at a price of $0.75 per Unit.

"The private placement allows Victory Square, as an early proponent of Blockchain entrepreneurs and companies, to continue its efforts investing in the most promising and disruptive Blockchain-enabled opportunities." - Yahoo Finance

Supportbench makes it onto the Top 20 Most Affordable Help Desk Software on Capterra!

Our member Supportbench has been making a name for themselves in the Help Desk industry. Supportbench placed 16th on the Top 20 Most Affordable Held Desk Software list by Capterra. This placement is highly impressive considering the substantial amount of help desk software available.

"This performance shows the value of the amazing products and services offered by Supportbench, providing an all-in-one customer support system for small and medium businesses." - Digital Journal